Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Corca is an orca cruising through the sea of ‘big data.’

Corca is a combination of C(the 5Cs pursued by the company) and orca, the top predator of the sea ecosystem.
We are overwhelmingly capable of applying the AI technology to reality.
In addition, we solve the problems of business and society and accelerate AI transformation by our teamwork.

Corca creates new values tailored to business needs through AI techonology.

Companies own different forms of data and have different painpoints and needs.
Based on advanced AI techonolgy and strategic capabilities, we offer customized solutions that meet business needs and address their painpoints.
We aim to create positive impact on the world by providing sustainable solutions that actually help real businesses.

Corca has several clients, partners and investors.

We apply the latest research technology to real-world products through partnerships with carious university labs and international companies.
We have won projects from several companies including Korean major companies to provide AI solutions which are actually helpful to their business.



KB Investment
"Corca is a provider of retail media B2B SaaS with advanced ad-tech AI techonolgy enabling personalized recommendation and targetting advertisements. Corca also has advanced platform ability with high-capacity real-time parallel processing and inference system. Emphasizing these technical advantages and advantage of easy introduction, we expect Corca to revolutionized the retail media sector.”
BonAngels Venture Partners
“This research and development will enable hyper-personalized recommendations expected by the retail industry. It will contribute greatly to the reorganization of the profit structure of the retail industry as a whole and the establishment of a domestic retail media network. We will support Corca’s business through consulting, mentoring, and networking, and further support Corca’s global expansion and follow-up investment.”
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